Vacuum Heat Treating

Vacuum Heat Treating MachineryRichter Precision Inc. is pleased to provide the highest quality vacuum heat treating service available.  We offer vacuum heat treating services at our PA, MI and KY facilities.   Our facilities use 2, 6 and 10 bar positive pressure quenching and controlled cooling to maintain stability.

Vacuum heat treating consists of thermally processing metals in heated enclosures that have been evacuated to partial pressures compatible with the specific metals and processes.  Vacuum is substituted for the more commonly used protective gas atmosphere during part or all of the heat treatment.

The vacuum system ensures that parts processed through heat treating cycles are not contaminated by high temperature reactions and remain free of oxidation and discoloration, leaving parts with a bright, scale free surface.   Other benefits of vacuum processing include:

  • Minimized distortion
  • Uniform heat treating for consistent tensile strength
  • Precise temperature control
  • Environmentally friendly

Our heat treating services include*:

  • Hardening of tool steels (A2, D2, DC53, S7, H13, etc.)
  • Hardening of high speed steels (M2, M4, M42, T15, CPM 10V, Vanadis 4, etc.)
  • Hardening of 400 series stainless steel (416, 420, 440C, etc.)
  • Precipitation (Age) hardening (17-4, 13-8, 455, 465, Ti-6Al-4V, etc.)
  • Vacuum annealing
  • Stress relieving
  • Cryogenics

* – All parts are cooled in nitrogen
* – Richter Precision Inc. does not provide case, oil, or water hardening processes

Vacuum Heat Treating Machinery