Armor Guard and S-Line

PVD, CVD & DCD Coating Technology

Firearms with Armor Guard & S-Line Coatings from Richter PrecisionRichter Precision Inc. is North America’s preeminent PVD, CVD and DCD coating company. Our Armor Guard and S-Line coatings represent the latest advancements in coating technology for the shooting and sporting industries. Armor Guard and S-Line coatings will help you to improve both the appearance and function of your firearm.

Please note that Richter Precision Inc. Limits our Armor Guard and S-Line solicitations to OEM manufacturers.

What Is Armor Guard and S-Line?

Armor Guard is a family of PVD and CVD coatings that have been engineered for use within the firearms industry. This range of processes and compositions allows us to match the best possible coating for each application, thereby ensuring the best performance based on the customer’s needs.

S-Line utilizes DCD, a proprietary low temperature coating process, to synthesize Boron Nitride (BN). This film has an extremely high temperature resistance combined with high lubricity, making it a particularly good coating for internal firearm components.

Firearms with Armor Guard & S-Line Coatings from Richter Precision

Standard Armor Guard and S-Line Coatings

Proprietary NameTypeCompositionColorThickness (microns)Coefficient of Friction
Armor Guard CPVDTiNGold1-50.35
Armor Guard C5PVDTiCNCopper/Bronze1-50.3
Armor Guard C6PVDAlTiNViolet/Black1-50.35
Armor Guard C12PVDMe-DLCBlack1-50.1
Armor Guard ORBPVDProprietaryMocha1-50.35
Armor Guard CoyotePVDProprietaryBrown1-50.35
Armor Guard Duplex NickelPVDProprietaryNickel1-50.35
Armor Guard Duplex SSPVDProprietaryStainless Steel1-50.35
Armor Guard Flat Dark EarthPVDProprietaryEarth1-50.35
Armor Guard GraphitePVDProprietaryMed. Gray1-50.25
Armor Guard HCVDTiN/TiCN/TiC/TiNGold6-90.35
Armor Guard H+CVDTiCGray6-90.35
Armor Guard H+SxCVDTiC+BNGray6-90.15
S-Line SxDCDBNGray/Black0.5-1.00.1
Data has been generated from lab samples. Characteristics may vary depending on customer’s material, surface condition and part geometry.

Firearms with Armor Guard & S-Line Coatings from Richter Precision