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Replikote™ is our proprietary PVD process designed specifically for coating highly polished mold surfaces such as ones used for optics, lenses, reflectors, etc.  This technology allows the deposition of hard, thin-film, PVD coatings onto surfaces with optical quality polishes.  Our Replikote™ coatings do not diminish the optical qualities of mold finishes, they replicate them.  These coatings are thinner, harder, denser, and more lubricious than other plating processes.

Many of the steels used by the injection molding industry such as P20, 4140, as well as H13, 17-4, and 15-5 have the benefits of being fairly easy to machine, easy to polish, and having a good resistance to fractures.  However, these materials are all limited in their resistance to abrasion and coefficient of friction.  These limitations require some sort of surface treatment in order to achieve optimal performance and life:  this is where the benefits of Replikote™ truly shine.

Replikote coatings provide:

  • Defect Free Layer
  • Extremely high hardness = abrasion protection
  • Great adhesion properties
  • Controlled thicknesses
  • Additional corrosion protection
  • Excellent lubricity = good release between part & mold
  • No post-coating processing is required
  • More chemically inert than chrome
  • Coatings can be de-coated without damage to the substrate
This 25 x 25 µm AFM image clearly shows the types of macro particles and inclusions that are created through a standard PVD TiN process. Even these small defects would impede the operation of an optical disc mold. This 25 x 25 µm AFM image of our Replikote C TiN coating is typical: the macro particles have been "filtered" to create a coating free of defects and suitable for any optical application, including lens molds, etc.

The homogeneity of the coating deposited through our Replikote™ process provides superior density when compared to current chrome and nickel plating processes.  In addition, Replikote™ eliminates the micro-cracking and post-processing that are inherent to electrolytic and electro-less plating processes. 

With Replikote™, you will see improvements in part release, material flow, and abrasion resistance that will translate into more effective part production.  Furthermore, our Replikote™ coatings will eliminate much of the daily and periodic cleanings required for some production:  this increased up-time equals increased production.  These benefits mean a lower cost-per-part and increased profit margins.

Our Replikote™ process is available in the following coating compositions:

Replikote™ C (TiN)  This optical quality Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating provides excellent abrasion resistance & lubricity, and is the first choice for most molding applications.

Replikote™ C3 (CrN/CrC) This optical quality Chromium Nitride/ Chromium Carbide (CrN/CrC) coating protects against corrosive gases generated during some molding applications.

Replikote™ C5 (TiN/TiCN) This optical quality Titanium CarboNitride (TiCN) coating provides increased abrasion resistance beyond TiN coating, and works well in many slide applications.

Replikote™ C11 (DLC) This optical quality Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating provides the highest hardness and lowest coefficient of friction of all Replikote™ coatings.

Ask your Richter Precision Inc. representative which coating is best for your application.
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